Life of Pixel is in, it is in Nintendo Lotcheck!

Not long to wait now, Life of Pixel is coming to Nintendo’s Wii UTM. Now on its final development journey through Nintendo Lotcheck and then (big drum roll) on to Nintendo store! This is where and when you will be able to discover for yourself how you can play 13 of the best game machines of all time in 1 epic adventure game.

Whether you are the generation who remembers them the originally, or the younger generation playing them for the first time, Life of Pixel on Nintendo’s Wii U™ is the game to discover and re-live those classic gaming machines. Your platforming skills will be challenged like never before! There is loads of Wii U exclusive content for fans to enjoy and explore, making this game appeal to all Wii U users

Life of Pixel is 13 of the best game machines in 1 an epic platform adventure game, over 100 levels, with challenging gameplay, fun characters, stunning 8 & 16-bit graphics and a lot of heart. You will journey through video game history collecting the bit-gems and unlocking each amazing game machine. Collect the ‘Specials’ and unlock more! Chock-full of tricks & traps, double jump challenges, gravity inversion, special power-ups, puzzles you must vanquish the enemy pixels and bosses who try to thwart you throughout your quest. Life of Pixel will show you the coolness of video gaming and the history of where it all began and how it evolved.


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