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Rediscover Your Youth – Time Travel Back Through Gaming History With Life Of Pixel!

We are excited to have completed a major update for Life of Pixel on Steam it now includes your requests including more Achievements, Trading Cards and Full Controller Support.

Stunning to look at, exciting to play, your journey enjoying and exploring classic gaming machines will challenge your platforming skills from an era you may remember! Life of Pixel brings to Steam that classic gaming feeling which will leave you warm inside, wanting to discover more of that retro gaming joy.

Full details of the update Version 1.12:

– Addition of 3 ‘Hard Core Achievements’
– Beautifully designed Trading Cards
– Controller support improved, including fixing issues with configuring Xbox controller, now possible to map Xbox’s D-Pad. This will have fixed issues with other controllers too.
– Controller buttons, such as Start, can now be assigned to bring up pause menu.
– Assigning an analogue control to a digital input gives the analogue control a digital response
– Optional camera filter effects added, selectable from the Options and Pause menus
– Jump now allowed after falling/sliding off ledge
– Temporary invincibility added after being hit by an enemy
– Machine intro information now displayed when completing a machine and being automatically taken to the next without having to go back to the menus
– Added information about double jumps to initial instructions
– Machine descriptions updated to include some missing processor speeds
– Some other minor bug fixes

Life of Pixel is an epic platform adventure game, with challenging gameplay, fun characters, stunning 8 & 16-bit graphics and a lot of heart. It will show you the coolness of video gaming and the history of where it all began and how it evolved.

Steam Link http://store.steampowered.com/app/327260/

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