the quirky game starring you and everyone you know as Mii characters – set for release this Friday exclusively for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems, Nintendo has now updated the Tomodachi Life website with the Mii Personality Test.

The Mii Personality Test is a customised version of the personality setup feature in Tomodachi Life, which lets anyone discover which of the colourful personalities their lookalike Mii could have in the game through a series of fun questions and situations. The results will describe your character traits in Tomodachi Life, as well as which other personality type, décor and outfit would be your perfect match in the game. Anyone can easily share their revealing results on social media – and invite their friends to find out what personality type they are, too!

There are sixteen personalities in Tomodachi Life which define how Mii characters of yourself, friends and family will behave in friendship, and amongst other things, their taste in fashion and interior decoration in the game. Depending on your answers to five personality traits, such as how you express yourself in words, you’ll be able to discover if you are an Energetic Charmer or rather a Reserved Thinker. You can share the Mii Personality Test with a friend to settle whether they are indeed a Confident Leader or actually an Easy-Going Softie. With such diverse personalities for Mii characters of your nearest and dearest, imagine the sparks that’ll fly when everyone lives together on an island, and you’ve got the recipe for excitement and lots of laughs that makes Tomodachi Life. Your friends. Your stories. Your life.

The Mii Personality Test is available today while Tomodachi Life is unleashed across Europe this Friday, 6th June 2014, exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems, at retail or as a digital version on Nintendo eShop.

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