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Sumico – Addictive math for iOS is available now

Sumico, the numbers game is the kind of math you want to get high on. High scores that is. Whether you like number puzzlers or not, Sumico is guaranteed to get you hooked on numbers and will make you feel like the math genius you never thought you could be. The best news: it is available right now for iPhone and iPad, for free – unlike some other stimulants…

Sumico is not your average numbers game. It is highly original and its smart gameplay may remind you of match-3-games and number puzzles, but instead of feeling zoned out and wasting your time sending candy and whatnots to your friends who do not want it, you will have fun doing calculus!

I hear you spitting out your cup of coffee. Sounds unbelievable right? That’s like having fun paying taxes, yeah right! Trust us Sumico will prove it is possible to have fun with math.

“This isn’t some educational math game for schools, is it?”

Only if you want it to be, son. The game’s developers, Dutch Indie studio Ludomotion, would never trick you into playing a boring educational game. You may learn a thing or two from Sumico but that is only because we intended it to be fun, like it should be.

We fired the editor of this trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7VFEPvf_jc
How to play Sumico: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZVOo86AXS4

What the press had to say

POCKET GAMER: “Best Android game of the week”

THE GUARDIAN: “Finally, something for anyone who’s been enjoying number-puzzle games like Threes! in recent months”

TWINFINITE: “SUMICO is a breath of fresh air after digging through mountains of unoriginality.”

ANDROID CENTRAL: “SUMICO is a decidedly original puzzle game with plenty of polish.”

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