Math Plus – The Math Trainer App

Indie Game Studio CoRa Games has recently made their new free-to-play math trainer app available on all of the major app platforms. It is aimed at people of all ages who would like to refresh their math knowledge and skills. The games official name is ‘Math Plus – THE Mental Math Trainer for Young and Old’ and with its design, CoRa Games incorporates the whole new iOS7 look and feel.

Math Plus is a simple multiple choice math quiz where you need to solve different math exercises in a given time. It offers 160 levels out of the following 10 categories: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Arithmetic, Fractions, Powers, Statistics, Equations and Mixed. The difficulty of the randomly generated questions is rising within the levels of each category. Each player will be able to try to beat high scores on the leaderboard and try to solve all given levels without losing any stars. The objective of the game is to solve as many questions as possible without making mistakes because each mistake will cost you one star. If you make three mistakes in the given time, your game is over.

Math Plus offers a hint system that helps you when you’re stuck solving a question – you will get a limited amount of these hints at the beginning of the game. If you run out of hints, you have to buy new hints.

The game offers two different achievements (level solved + all stars earned) per game category as well as a leaderboard to see your progress. Math Plus is a free-to-play game and comes with two free categories, Addition and Subtraction. You can buy additional packages that consist of other different math disciplines.

The game is meant to be competitive, but only at a casual level. Any style of player can get into this game without any issues. The player will be fighting against the clock and against his/her friends. CoRa Games is using a simple layout and the basic principles of a multiple choice math quiz.

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