Mangatar launches the new Dengen Chronicles app exclusive to Windows Phone

Due to the collaboration with Nokia and Microsoft, powered by AppCampus, the mobile application accelerator program renowned for providing indie developers with financing and coaching, Mangatar has released the first mobile version of Dengen Chronicles exclusively for Windows Phone users.

The opportunity to design the mobile approach from a blank sheet enabled the Italian team both to redefine the game experience and to make a big leap forward, by acquiring new assets.

“Dealing with a new platform for Dengen Chronicles was thrilling and ended up with redesigning Mangatar’s operational horizon.” stated Andrea Postiglione, CEO “Learning and experimenting are huge parts of our startup path and we have consciously worked, in order to be true to our ambitions. We have broadened our expertise and embraced new technologies: with such a colourful palette, we are ready for new creative challenges.”

“We did ride the wave with our previous browser games, but it was not that easy to make the move to mobile. We wanted our first title to be innovative and playable.” acknowledged Raffale Gaito, Biz Dev “Today we proudly announce our first app for Windows Phone users. We are sure that the new game mechanics will make the difference: the smart integration of NFC and movement sensors will offer users a special gameplay, winking at mobile consoles.”

As a matter of fact, Microsoft and Nokia professionals had a key role in activating a know-how transfer which enhanced not only the app development process, but also the value of the startup. Paolo Borella, Director of AppCampus, explains: “AppCampus is a three-year program from Aalto University to develop the Windows Phone Ecosystem and deliver innovative applications. In addition to the funding, the selected teams receive education remotely, online and with our exclusive four-week AppCademy seed acceleration camp. The team also receive ‘go to market’ support after the launch, providing an incredible value and increasing their chances for success. We were pleased to have Mangatar in our AppCademy camp; the team worked hard to leverage the opportunity provided by our pool of world class coaches and we are keen to see the progress of Dengen Chronicles after launch.”

Dengen Chronicles on Windows Phone Store:

Mangatar s.r.l. is based in Milan with an operational branch office in Salerno. In 2012, Mangatar released Mangatar Saga and in 2013, the first web version of Dengen Chronicles was launched. The company structure is made up of five young founders and Digital Investments S.C.A. Sicar.

Dengen Chronicles is the most engaging Online Customizable Card Game in the Manga universe, with original gameplay. Dengen Chronicles is the first game ever that mixes TCG and RPG elements in order to let gamers become the heroes of their own saga.

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