Metal Nation: Legion of Valor update offers new features and content

Metal Nation: Legion of Valor from IDFsoft has just received a major content and features upgrade which has been made available to players in the iTunes AppStore. In addition to new levels and PvE storyline content, the latest update also introduces an advanced PvP Leader Board system, Special Events, and Special Ops missions for players to participate in.

About the new features:

Brand New PvP Leader Board and Ranking System!
The entire PvP system has been modified and now contains two new Leader Board functions: the Honor Roll and the Tournament mode. Players can compete weekly in the Honor Roll to earn rewards and Honor Points, and at the end of every Honor Roll period, points are tallied into the Tournament listing where players can compete for even greater rewards and bonuses. There are 4 Honor Roll periods per Tournament cycle and this is a constant event now featured at all times in the game.
Special Events and Special Ops
Special Events: Every day there are new, repeatable, PvE missions to engage the Axis forces. They are offered at varying difficulty levels and they provide excellent rewards in the form of valuable resources such as Coins, Oil, Metal, and Goods! Fight the Black Hound Elite Forces, stop the Axis from constructing new Landkreuzers, Nebelwerfers, and Blitztrager Zeppelins, or even go one on one with your nemesis, Kommandant von Roth!
Special Ops: New optional objective missions have been added to compliment the PvE story missions. These might be as simple as collecting a specific number of crops, or a special order to destroy certain amounts of enemy units in PvP battles. Players can complete these objectives to gain huge rewards including Diamonds, Medals of Valor, Shovels, Coins, and Resources.

The entire update content is listed below:

1. New PvE content and a higher level cap
2. Command Center upgrade improves the urban landscape and base appearance
3. Level 5 units unlocked with full Promotions
4. Special Events tab featuring daily missions and the chance to gain more Coins and Resources
5. Massive PvP Leader Board update with Honor Roll and Tournament events
6. New Special Ops available in the Mission Brief offers more goals and quests for great rewards
7. Trees and Rocks can now re-spawn but provide better removal rewards including Diamonds and Medals of Valor
8. Tutorial adjusted and level 1-9 requirements simplified to make novice progress easier and quicker
9. UI improvements and help features added
10. Known bugs have been resolved and fixed

Metal Nation: Legion of Valor is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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