Misa: A Unique Path-Drawing Puzzle Game available on the AppStore

Suji Games has announced the release of their new game Misa™ on iOS. Misa™ is a brain-teasing puzzle game with completely original path-drawing mechanics.

Misa™ is a 2D minimalistic mobile puzzle game where you draw to solve puzzles. To complete a level, you must reach the goal, avoid obstacles, and collect every diamond onscreen.

There are two states in the game; ‘planning’ and ‘execution’. In the “planning” state, the obstacles are immobile and you draw a path to reach the goal. In the “execution” state, you get to see how your plan plays out. The obstacles start to move and the player moves along the path.

Suji team explains their creative process as, “In the beginning, we were interested in making a stealth action mobile game. As we were experimenting we noticed what attracted us to the genre was the anticipation of seeing a meticulous plan unfold. With renewed focus, we started refining the game until we made sure that we kept only what we think was necessary. The result was a minimalistic puzzle game in which players can draw their plans with their fingers and watch the result with excitement.”

In Misa™ there is more than one solution to every level, where the entire screen is a free-form canvas. One of the most fun parts of the game is to discover the most elegant and optimal solution to a puzzle. As its addictive puzzles challenge you, minimalistic style offers peace of mind.


  • Unique drawing mechanic.
  • Simple controls and clear gameplay.
  • Elegant minimalist design.
  • Unlimited ways to solve the puzzles. Find out your own way.
  • More than 3 hours of gameplay.
  • 99 challenging levels!