‘Castling’ Now Available On iOS® Offers A Unique And Strategic Puzzle Game Experience Inspired By Chess

Indie games developer and publisher Oddlabs is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of their newest mobile game Castling, exclusively available on the iOS® digital app store as a premium download.

Castling is a fun and strategic puzzle game inspired by the wonderful world of chess. In the classic version of the game, castling is the only move by which a player can move two pieces in the same turn, and it is the only move where a piece is said to jump over another. While Castling on iOS® shares its name with the classic move of the original game, it offers much, much more!

Castling takes place in a rebellious world with unhappy chess pieces on a mission to overthrow the evil king by banishing him for his wicked ways. The objective of the game is to complete 60 challenging puzzles across 3 inspiring game worlds, each offering a fun and strategic challenge. With extra challenges and additional levels to unlock, your mission is to complete all of the levels using the least amount of moves. Each puzzle progressively becomes harder as walls, bridges and other obstacles eventually block your path. With its intuitive and clever puzzle design, early levels introduce the gameplay mechanics, while later levels offer tricky gameplay components such as colors-coded pieces and ingenious board-game design, requiring clever strategy to succeed.

With 6 chess pieces to master and intriguing obstacles to overcome, do you have what it takes to overcome and banish the king?

Suitable to players of all ages and experience levels, Castling offers not only a fascinating introduction to the world of chess, but also a compelling puzzle game experience with a lot of fun and strategy.

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