Racer 8 – Rally inspired puzzle game for iOS

Thirty 06 Studios are pleased to announce the release of their latest game – Racer 8 – on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

A Rally inspired puzzle game, reminiscent of old arcade favourites like Pipe Dream and Gutang Gong, where you must rotate road tiles to keep the rally car driving for as long as possible, without crashing, while reaching your objectives. As you drive around, you can collect bonus items, and more importantly extra coins – which can be used to buy more power ups, more cars and new paint schemes.

The game is free to play and integrated into Game Centre and Facebook – allowing you to challenge your friends and achieve the highest scores.

There is also a micro game on Facebook call Racer 8 Enduro – where the aim is to achieve the best time as the car accelerates from a slow steady pace , to a full on turbo charged, vision blurring speed.

Thirty 06 Studios have released previous award winning apps in collaboration with Harper Collins – The Big Cat series of children’s interactive books – as well as their first title WarChesst which was released nearly three years ago.


Racer 8 Enduro on FaceBook

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