Pilot your Spaceship in this Action Shoot-em-up Game and Journey through the Solar System

Straight out of South Korea is Wonsorang GameLab’s debut game release – Space Flight: Solar System on the iOS and Android platforms.

Space Flight: Solar System is a shoot-em-up game where you pilot your very own spaceship to explore the Solar System. Avoid meteors by blowing them up with your missile turrets and collect the minerals with your tractor beams as they rush past you. Upgrade your spaceship with the minerals you collect and improve your missile turrets, tractor beams, engines, and drones.

Can you make your way safely to Neptune 30 AUs (Astronomical Units) away, or will you wind up drifting in space and colliding with a meteor as your fuel level dwindles to zero?

Get your copy of Space Flight: Solar System today. Download them from the following locations:

· Maneuver your spaceship but watch your fuel level.
· Shoot down waves of meteors.
· Collect the minerals that rush past your spaceship.
· Upgrade your engines, missile turrets and tractor beams.
· Purchase a drone to automatically take out the meteors.
· Missile Turrets can be upgraded to Level 15.
· Journey safely through the Solar System as you make your way to Neptune.

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