Pixel People Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Leading independent mobile games publisher, Chillingo, today announced the launch of a major content update to commemorate the one-year anniversary of LambdaMu Games’ Pixel People.

It’s Utopia’s first Birthday! In honor of this momentous occasion, the latest Pixel People update comes packed with new jobs, content, and more.

Pixel People now features a grand total of 365 unique professions (including special genes) as well as new buildings, missions, decorations and more.

Budding mayors can also start building their own theme parks in Utopia and the museum has re-opened with a new set of wonders and mysteries waiting to be discovered.

As an extra treat for Valentine’s Day, those looking for love will also get another chance to claim the Romantic gene, which was first introduced in a Valentine’s Day themed update last year.

Join us in Utopia! Pixel People is free to download from the App Store.

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