Zombies invade Utopia in Pixel People Halloween Update

What’s got the residents of Utopia spooked? Clones are developing an insatiable appetite for human brains. Is this a diabolical prank, a cover for mischief, or truly the apocalypse returned? You have ten minutes every hour to find out!

Chillingo and Lambda Mu Games’ mayor sim Pixel People is back with a Halloween update, filled with a horrifying amount of new content.

While you try to figure out what’s causing your hapless clones to turn into zombies, trick or treat for candies to exchange for haunting decorations at Utopia HQ.

Complete new misisons and splice 24 new jobs to create a variety of terrifying new residents from ghosts to mad scientists and other abominations.

New missions, jobs, buildings and more, zombie time is here! Download the latest Pixel People update now from the App Store.

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