Qualityindex.com reveals the top 10 critically acclaimed iPhone games and apps of November 2013

If you were wondering what the best reviewed iPhone games and apps on the web last month were, here’s the
iPhone Quality Index
round-up for November to fill you in.

The iPhone Quality Index boasts over 250,000 scores from the world’s best websites, such as 148Apps, Pocket Gamer, and What’s On iPhone, and uses a unique metric to create a single definitive score for each iPhone title.
Here are November 2013’s top selections…

Quality Index Top 10 iPhone games November 2013
1 Lords of Waterdeep Playdek 9.3
2 Tiny Games Hide and Seek Productions 9.2
3 Sorcery! 2 inkle 9.1
4 Rayman Fiesta Run Ubisoft 9.0
5 Papa Sangre II Playground Publishing 8.9
6 Blocky Roads DogByte Games 8.7
7 Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies 2K Games 8.6
8 Anomaly 2 Chillingo 8.5
9 Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse Disney 8.5
10 Touchgrind Skate 2 Illusion Labs 8.5

Quality Index Top 10 iPhone apps to November 2013
1 FoundMoney 12Cube 10
2 Filterloop Ultralab Apps 9.6
3 Propane Pro TapTools 9.6
4 Follow my News Jarret Ammer 9.2
5 Songdrop Songdrop 9.2
6 FXGuru: Movie FX Director Picadelic 9.1
7 Fantastical 2 Flexibits 9.0
8 Begin – Your daily to-do list Applause Code 9.0
9 Jimdo Jimdo 9.0
10 Ariel’s Musical Surprise Disney 8.8

(N.B. The monthly games chart is based on titles released and reviewed in the last month. The apps chart is based on titles reviewed over the last three months. Hence, this is not a cumulative chart and earlier released titles may have higher scores.)

You might think that Playdek’s Lords of Waterdeep is an unlikely candidate for the top of the November iPhone Qi games league table, but it earns its position through some impeccable fantasy boardgame action. Contrasting nicely with that down at #4, Rayman Fiesta Run is the consummate mainstream entertainer with its colourful platformer world. Just behind Ubi’s superstar is Papa Sangre 2, whose creator steps back into experimental territory with this audio-centric gaming experience. And, no, we don’t mean you have to operate your iPhone with your lobes. Now that WOULD be experimental. Hurrah! It’s the return of Mickey Mouse in a brilliant platform game – something we haven’t seen since the early ’90s. Castle of Illusion is a magical blast from the past.

Sitting proudly atop November’s iPhone Qi app chart is FoundMoney, a.k.a. the digital equivalent of discovering a fiver down the back of your sofa. With this app, 12Cube provides innovative money-saving tips on all of your favourite retail hotspots. You might think you’ve got more than enough filter apps, but Filterloop in second place ‘makes’ a strong case for inclusion. It enables you to mix and layer multiple filters, creating hundreds of new photo effects. Down at #7, meanwhile, Fantastical 2 supplies a second dose of calendar excellence – this time with an iOS 7-friendly design. Jimdo, by contrast, allows you to create and edit your own website from your iPhone. Now THAT is power.

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