Robots Rejoice This Festive Season!

Reliance Games’ Real Steel World Robot Boxing (WRB), the free-to-play sequel of the franchise that released globally only a few weeks ago now has a festive makeover! The mobile game that has seen millions of downloads so far with its despicable finishing attacks, piston punching actions and high definition visuals of nuts and bolts flying all over the ring is now in festive spirit; the holiday season update of the game features Robots in hats and antlers that fight it out against decorative backdrops and with unlimited energy! What’s more is that there are tons of gifts and a brand new section called the ‘Mystery Draw’ for all players who take to the WRB ring all through December!

Details of the celebratory update are:

· Festivity themed decals for robots
· Festive decorations across the entire game
· Free hats and antlers for all robots
· Loads of free gifts all through December via Holiday Calendar
· Mystery Draw – a new section added where players can get exciting items
· New Robot Packs added that help players to collect their favourite robots
· Players can now get Unlimited Energy for an endless gameplay

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