Children Worldwide Rejoice As Rudolph Assures There Will Be A Christmas This Year

Families and children worldwide can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Rudolph, the Reindeer famous for his bright red nose, is once again on track to save Christmas, this time a week in advance of the much anticipated holiday.

Authorities from Santa’s Work Shop and Toy Assemblage Institution have verified reports that a certain group of spoilsport snowmen are attempting to steal presents left by Santa from under festively decorated trees. “Rudolph, or Ruddy as he’s known around here, has really stepped up to bat,” said an official who wished to remain anonymous. “He’s got a huge pile of snowballs that really slow those snowmen down, but he can sure use some help.”

Rudolph’s Revenge is a new free game from Disrupted Logic Interactive that promises a family friendly and enjoyable gaming experience for the holidays.

· 5 Exciting levels of game play action
· 5 International holiday greetings
· 5 Snowballs for every level

In Rudolph’s Revenge, gamers help aim Rudolph’s snowball cannon to bounce snowballs off of ice walls and trees to stop the snowmen from stealing Santa’s presents.

Rudolph’s Revenge is available free on Google Play at
and on the Amazon App Store at

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