PyroTouch delivers: The perfect New Year’s App!

Everyone loves fireworks! Normally we need to wait for special events, such as New Year’s and Independence Day, to see them. This is no longer the case, as indie studio Harakoa brings these epic light and sound performances to your mobile device! And best of all, you run the show in this fun little game with jaw-dropping graphics.

In PyroTouch you tap and swipe the screen to explode fireworks in different ways. Sounds pretty simple, but it’s fast-paced and action-packed, steadily increasing in difficulty as you go from one amazing performance to another. Discover a wealth of un-lockable features as you play: some make things more challenging and some help you in your quest. What quest? PyroTouch has a noble mission for you: inspire worldwide happiness. How appropriate for the holiday season! In PyroTouch you travel from city to city putting on impressive shows and making people happy.

PyroTouch is available on the App Store for all Apple mobile devices, including a new “HD” version for iPad. It’s approved for all ages, with no objectionable content, yet everyone still gets to explode things! As a special gift for you this holiday season, the developer has made PyroTouch free for a limited time. So grab this must-have game while you can!

PyroTouch Fireworks Game - Harakoa

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