Scuba Diver Adventures: Beyond The Depths dives onto the App Store

Leading independent mobile games publisher, Chillingo, today announced the launch of Biart’s Scuba Diver Adventures: Beyond The Depths on the App Store.

Explore the depths of the ocean in this incredible aquatic adventure game. 

Travel across the globe from Thailand to the Bahamas as a top deep-sea diver in pursuit of the truth behind a sunken treasure. Explore secluded coves, check out underwater caves and more as you attempt uncover all the secrets that the seafloor has to hide.

Use your special camera to take pictures of all the mysterious and wonderful creatures under the waves. 

Scuba Diver Adventures is a gorgeous taste of the life of a Scuba diver!

Take the plunge! Scuba Diver Adventures: Beyond the Depths is free to download from the App Store.

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