Strategic Command World War I: The Great War 1914-1918 Patch v1.05

Strategic Command WWI Breakthrough! patch 1.05 contains numerous bug fixes, game enhancements and even brand new Decision Events!

Players can now form the Polish Legion in Austrian service, and General Haller’s Polish Blue Army in France, as well as enjoying numerous other improvements. As always, player feedback has provided much of the inspiration for these changes.

All previous improvements are of course included as well, such as numerous improvements to the new 1870 Franco-Prussian War campaign to increase its historical accuracy and playability, as well as significant changes to game balance in 1939 Storm over Europe to give the Axis a much better chance of victory.

Compatibility Note
Save games created with earlier versions of the game are NOT compatible with this patch. Please finish your in-progress games before applying this patch. This patch is for the Breakthrough! expansion only. The WW2 The Great War base game is patched separately (see below).

Download Links: (~549 MB)

As thousands of Prussians mass near the French frontier, can Bazaine, MacMahon and Napoleon III do better than they did in real life under your inspired leadership? Or will Otto von Bismarck and von Moltke the elder storm to victory against Imperial France?

Even with Napoleon III and his meddling wife, the Empress Eugénie, out of the way, Prussia will face the potential of a resurgent, republican France, under the youthful leadership of Léon Gambetta.

With the Gardes Mobiles taking up arms to provide France with new forces to take the field, international volunteers like Garibaldi arriving to aid the Republic, and the strong defences surrounding Paris, this campaign need be no walkover.

Will history repeat itself, or can France be saved from a humiliating defeat? Now is your chance to find out! Re-fight this great historic 19th century campaign that saw the rise of Germany to imperial power status, and the final overthrow of the Bonapartes from power in France. It comes complete with many decisions to make, both on and off the battlefield, and you can follow an After Action Report by two of our beta testers here:

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