‘Tiny Hope’ Challenges Players To Save Mother Earth Using Nothing But A Droplet Of Water

Independent games developer ‘Blyts’ is proud to announce the worldwide release of their latest game – ‘Tiny Hope’ – to the iOS®, Mac OS® and Google Play™ app stores! Available as a premium paid and free digital download, this genre blending epic adventure game features the very best of puzzle- and platform-gaming, and challenges players to save mother earth from eternal pollution using nothing but a single drop of water!

You play the role of the planets last surviving droplet of water, and it is your mission to deliver him to the cloning machine in order to restore peace on earth by rehydrating the planet! Facing 36 increasingly hard levels you must discover a way through the forest in order to reach the all-important lab, and you must solve and overcome mind-bending puzzles, while avoiding the countless number of enemies and obstacles in your path. Suitable to players of all ages and experience levels, ‘Tiny Hope’ features exciting gameplay, where clever use of steam and ice, as well as water, become important to progress. While ice allows you to move things around, steam enables you to take to the skies, avoiding otherwise impassable obstacles.

Featuring great graphics, challenging puzzles, unique gameplay, and intuitive and easy-to-learn controls, Can you make it all the way to the end?

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