Barbily Game Ltd Launches Record Breaking Mobile Game App – “Galactic Space War” – Players Battle To Save The Universe

To the delight of the many Mobile App Gamers around the world, Barbily Game Ltd has released an exciting new App entitled “Galactic Space War”, and has already become the #1 New Space War Game on iOS & Android. Barbily Game has scored a big hit with this new app, and it has created quite a buzz on the gaming forums and blogs. Players have described this new Game App as a delightful way to escape the realities of today’s world.

“Galactic Space War” will have players on the edge of their seats as they prepare to launch their fleet of spaceships and begin a new mission. It is time to save the known universe from destruction. This is high-tech gaming at its best, offering cross-platform gaming. This enables participation with gamers from all over this planet, regardless of whether they have an Android, iOS device or a PC web browser.

“Galactic Space War” has dozens of missions to complete. Players from all of the world can compete against each other and collect credits to upgrade their space ships. This is one Mobile Gaming App that is loaded with advanced features, such as: engaging in tactical space battles, build a fleet of unique star ship cards, fully customize each ship’s weapons and combat abilities, unlock new weapons and missions, challenge the enemy in high stakes battles, and upgrade individual weapons to make them more potent.

Barbily reports that players can also hire other player’s ships into their own task force as mercenaries, and can even be played across Android Devices with the same accounts. Testimonials have been pouring in, this is what Justin Ortiz had to say: “I will never stop playing. I am an app addict and this is my favorite game of all time, trust me, I am tough, critical and I’m not easy, so that says a lot. Im a humongous star wars fan too, so this game provides the visual to all the space conflicts depicted in the novels, a feat no other game could boast, so amazing. Thank You.”

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