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Indie Developer Launches Action-Packed Head-to-Head Online Robot Battle App for iOS

Tiny Utopia, indie developer of premium mobile applications and games, is pleased to announce the launch of Epic Mech Wars; a fast paced, head-to-head battle arena game out now for iOS and Android. Epic Mech Wars lets players control a fully customizable mech warrior as they fight against other players in a massive world battle league.

Epic Mech Wars is a competitive, asynchronous multiplayer battle arena game where players square off against one another in intense robotic combat. Every mech is rendered in beautiful 3D graphics by the powerful Unity 3D game engine, created by lead developer Neal Nellans. The game features stunning movie-like special effects and an original stereo soundtrack by award-winning composer, Sean Beeson. Battles are controlled by a simple one-touch system, and as players helm the controls of their destructive battle mechs, they will unlock new and rare abilities, mission items, and upgrades. Battle mechs can be modified with over 100 customizable character options like various head caskets, weapons protective armor, rocket packs, and much more. Epic battles take place in 10 different progressive battle arenas.

“Epic Mech Wars is our biggest mobile release to date. We’ve seen how much mobile has changed in the past twelve months and now we can keep enough core players to maintain an online RPG type fighting league,” states Neal Nellans, founder of Tiny Utopia. “Connectivity will only improve as mobile grows up and begins to approximate today’s consoles, and we can scale the game with those advancements.”

Neal Nellans, founder of Tiny Utopia and creator of Epic Mech Wars, has over 14 years of professional game making experience. After being awarded the Gold Medal for animation in the 25th annual Student Academy Awards, Nellans began work alongside Steven Spielberg first at DreamWorks SKG, then at Electronics Arts on the critically acclaimed WWII original, Medal of Honor. He would continue to work with the Medal of Honor series for the next 2 titles until he left to pursue other avenues. In 2008 he founded Tiny Utopia to create epic big screen arcade experiences in the tiny screen casual games market. Beyond Epic Mech Wars, mobile game titles that Tiny Utopia has released include Astro Wars, Assassins, Formula Racing, and Stock Racing.

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