Mobile games publisher, Thumbstar Games, is pleased to announce that today marks the release of Animentals for Android devices on Google Play!

Nurse your Cyber-Pet from freaky and feral to a fun-loving furball

Animentals is a great app for kids 4+, teaching them to care for and rehabilitate their very first cyper-pet. Rescue the creatures from the depths of cyberspace, and show them a little care and attention. Eventually, through series of simple games and interactions, your cyber-pet will learn to trust and respect you.

Help them regain their sanity, restore their happiness and set them free!

Progressing through the game brings an increasing variety of quirky and bizarre creatures to look after, and new tasks to undertake as you progress in your career as an Animental carer.

With cute and colourful characters and a heap of great suprises to unlock from the comfort of your Android device, Animentals makes for one of the most entertaining, memorable and mess-free pet experiences you’ll ever have!

Animentals is available for 69p on Google Play at the following link:

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