Futuretro Studios, a newly founded micro-studio in the cultural heart of old Japan, today announced the worldwide release of their first game, Hungry Oni, for iPhone and iPod devices.

In a land distant, yet not so very far from our own, lived a little ogre named Oni. Despite his size, Oni had a HUGE appetite. Not far from Oni’s house grew a magical tree, whose ‘fruits’ were weird and wonderful objects from a hundred faraway lands. When Oni got hungry (and Oni was ALWAYS hungry) he liked to shake the tree and eat the strange objects that fell from above…

Using just the power of a single finger, guide Oni between streams of falling blue hedgehogs, red cherries, and yellow submarines, eating only the most tasty morsels, in an attempt to satisfy the little guy’s big appetite, if only for a moment.

Hungry Oni is a game designed to be played by anyone, anywhere. With intuitive controls, easy-to-learn/tough-to-master mechanics and one minute average gameplay sessions, Hungry Oni is the perfect game to play between bus stops, during recess or before turning out the light.

Come join our hero, Oni (a cute reimagining of the mischievous demon from Japanese folklore) in a beautifully stylized world, bursting with pop culture references, offbeat humour and catchy music.

With 60 iconic ‘fruits’ to collect, 5 game modes to challenge, 32 achievements to unlock, funky costumes to dress Oni in, and the ability to compare your scores with friends and the world online, Hungry Oni will keep players engrossed for weeks!

Best of all, Hungry Oni is absolutely FREE! Crazy!

Hungry Oni is initially available for iPhone and iPod devices only, with iPad and Android versions to come.

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