UPPY CUP! The world’s most addictive freestyle football minigame, available now on the App Store!

AppyNation are proud to announce the launch of Uppy Cup, a simple but incredibly addictive football “Keepy Uppy” * game, exclusively on iOS.

How long can you keep the ball in the air? Download Uppy Cup (it’s free!) and in moments you’ll be frantically tilting your phone to slide your player into position to head the football.

Uppy Cup uses Game Center to maintain a worldwide leaderboard, so you can easily compare your skills with your friends and the world! You can also take snapshots and instantly share your high scores via Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS.

As your high scores increase, you’ll unlock cool new background scenes, taking your footballing prodigy from the city streets to the beach, then the training ground, and ultimately the bright lights of the international stadium! Marvellous.

“We’re confident that Uppy Cup is the most significant football-related event happening anywhere in the world this year,” said Ian Willey, Co-Founder and Pixel-Pusher at Atlum Software, the game’s developer.

“Uppy Cup is a perfect example of a simple idea executed with the flair and attention to detail that are the hallmarks of Atlum’s games,” said Robin Clarke from the game’s publisher AppyNation. “There’s a huge compulsion to keep coming back to beat your high scores and your friends’ high scores!”

Uppy Cup is available free on the App Store.

* Keepy Uppy (n.): A game in which an individual attempts to keep a soccer ball in the air by bouncing it off parts of their body without letting it touch the ground. Sometimes used as a training exercise or an exhibition of ball control skill. Also known as “kick-ups”.

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