Over 110 Original Music In The Excited Rhythm Action Game, Radiohammer Station Just Gets Released!

We, Vinyl Lab, are a talented studio with technicians and media artists in Korea. Our studio is named after a strong identity through delivering creative, fun games to the world. Vinyl Lab members generate synergy to develop games, music, and literature in all the creative areas. Now, we released our new game, “Radiohammer Station”, worldwide via Google Play.

The trailer can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfaRVXWraOA&feature=youtu.be

Radiohammer Station is the ultimate edition of the prior title, Radiohammer, released in January 2014 as a paid app. It is simple, intuitive action game with punching intruders in multiple combo action and up-beat urban music, electronica, punk, rock and roll. Featured on Google Play ‘Game’ in 50 countries, Radiohammer is ranked 1st or 2nd among paid games in Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, West and East Europe.

The new game Radiohammer Sation is a Freemium with in-app purchase. It is already well-known, and generates many fans with its Japanese manga-like hero characters. In this new version, Radiohammer Station shows a new heroine, Numi, and several polished game modes added. New contents are also in; updated with 30 new original songs; overall 110 great songs are waiting, 15 additional stages; overall 60 game stages.

“It is very happy to release the sequel version, Radiohammer Station. It gives modern music which talent indie rock bands create only for this game. Music game players will love it so much.” said Producer Donghyun Na.

Radiohammer Station is released on 23rd July 014 for free on Google Play. For more information and the latest Dukes of War news, please visit the official website: http://www.vinylab.net

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