Rotation Station: The Puzzle game that’s been brewing for 6 years

Rotation Station is a brain wracking puzzle game for iOS and android that was first invented and played on paper in 2007. Drop in your blobs and spin the world to plunge them into the warp pads. Use your cunning and 16 powerups to shift, shape, switch, smite and shudder your blobs to victory. Outfox your friends in the 8 player multiplayer. Join the revolution!


How Rotation Station went from paper to Smartphones in 6 years:

•Play through 144 levels in 8 themed worlds!
•Use 16 powerups to overcome new challenges, like Gravity Shift, Rowblitz, Quantum Leap and Spawn Block.
•Overcome 10 types of obstacle, like Popup Blocks, Black Holes, Magnets and Ice.
•Complete challenges in each world to unlock 3 types of bonus level for extra challenge.
•Collect 63 challenging achievements and top the leaderboards.
•An original 8 track ambient soundtrack.
•Beat your friends in up to 8 player hotseat multiplayer. Connect blobs in a row to win.
•Fully customise your multiplayer games, from the number of blobs to win and level dimensions to the direction and frequency of rotation.
Price: Free with extra purchasable worlds.

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