Time’s End and Time’s End II by THEOPHANY

Materia Collective announced physical CD and vinyl editions of the Billboard-charting and fan-favorite Time’s End and Time’s End II by THEOPHANY. The albums, released over the course of the last seven years, take the dark and unsettling atmosphere of Majora’s Mask to new heights with stunning orchestral arrangements that continue to generate excitement among Zelda fans.

Mahjong Soul, Japanese Riichi Mahjong Game on Mobile

More than half a year after Mahjong Soul launched on web, the anime-themed Japanese riichi mahjong game is available on both iOS and Android. Players can enjoy thrilling mahjong competition anytime, anywhere with opponents from all over the world. For players who’ve been enjoying mahjong on web, the mobile version is cross-platform, so players can seamlessly switch between PC and mobile.…

Sharkslam, high-octane casual mobile game

Sharkslam is a high-octane hyper casual mobile game where players have to use the touch joystick controls to control the shark and slam onto various enemies – including opposing sharks – to get the most number of points.

The game is now available worldwide on iOS and Android.

There are other modes as well, all with their own high score tables.…

Dead Age, zombie horror RPG on PS4

Dead Age, tactical zombie horror RPG made by Silent Dreams is available on the PlayStation 4.

The game drops the players right into the middle of a fierce zombie apocalypse, challenging them to rebuild society and make tough decisions while fending off hordes of undead in tactical, turn-based battles.

This combination and its unique atmosphere brought Dead Age great success on Steam and a “Very Positive” overall rating with over 2950 reviews in total.…

Princess Maker 3: Faery Tales Come True on Nintendo Switch & Windows

The life simulation game “PRINCESS MAKER -FAERY TALES COME TRUE-” is available on the Nintendo e-Shop for Switch and Steam for Windows.

“PRINCESS MAKER -FAERY TALES COME TRUE-” is the 3rd installment in the “Princess Maker” series, which pioneered the life sim genre. The original “Princess Maker” was released in 1997 for PlayStation, and found popularity far and wide.…

Melbits World, puzzle-platformer game on Switch

Plug in Digital and Melbot Studios announced the release of Melbits World™ on Nintendo Switch™.

The cooperative puzzle-platformer game that will equally charm and challenge your friends and family. Communication and coordination are the key to success in the Melbits mission.

Discover these collectable digital creatures and guide them through friendish levels full of traps.

Fujii, Green-fingered adventure launches on PSVR

Funktronic Labs launches their critically acclaimed VR title, Fujii, for the PSVR . Fujii is a serene, mystical journey that traverses a series of otherworldly, organic landscapes. The experience flows between outdoor exploration and creative gardening, merging aspects of magical adventure and cultivation into a refreshing, musically enveloping whole.

Game Features

  • A meditative, musical gardening adventure that offers a unique and restorative VR experience
  • Hike through three diverse biomes, exploring enchanting flora and fauna and collecting seeds
  • Collect and grow exotic, interactive plants
  • Wonderful, interactive soundtrack by French composer Norman Bambi
  • Relax in your garden with your companion gnome, and watch your garden flourish with creatures discovered in the wild
  • Cultivate your garden indefinitely, even after the conclusion of the story

Fujii was named Best Game overall at the VRCORE Awards in Shanghai, and was listed as a Best Steam VR Game of 2019 by Road to VR.…