Concert Kings Idle Music Tycoon, Music empire builder on Android & iOS

Canadian game developer Big Blue Bubble today announced that their latest free-to-play mobile game Concert Kings Idle Music Tycoon is now available worldwide on Android and iOS. The musical idle game challenges players to build a massive music empire by recruiting new musicians, upgrading their stage, touring the world, hiring crew members, and raking in royalties.

– Make It Rain – Earn riches by swiping and tapping music notes. The faster you swipe, the more you earn!
– Sign New Talent – Recruit dozens of musicians with unique traits, then level them up to improve their look.
– Upgrade Your Stage – Purchase stage upgrades to unlock new stat-boosting bonuses.
– Tour The World – Earn more royalties to unlock bigger and better tour venues around the world.
– Hire Your Crew – Hire helpful crew members like the Band Manager to unlock special perks!
– Impress Influencers – Rock out in challenging solos to impress influencers and earn experience.

Concert Kings Idle Music Tycoon is a free-to-play game offering in-game purchases and is available worldwide on the App Store and Google Play.