2nd PSY Character ‘Gangnam PSY’ Appears in Game of Dice with a Whole New Look

Joycity’s mobile game, Game of Dice has been updated 2nd collaboration contents with the Korean singer-songwriter PSY.
This update wouldn’t have been made if the 1st big update with Daddy PSY and PSY Dice wasn’t successful. 2nd collaboration update includes new PSY character ‘Gangnam PSY’ and a PSY skill card ‘PSY’s Road Tour’, inspired from his hit song ‘Gangnam Style’. And to celebrate the collaboration, Joycity promoted various events such as ‘Oppa Gangnam Style Event’ and gave out various event rewards.

New update include:•A PSY Character ‘Gangnam PSY’ added◦Inspired from PSY’s hit song ‘Gangnam Style’
◦Character dances ‘Gangnam Style’ while playing
◦Specialized character in Mini Battle and Toll Increase
◦Limited edition character which can be purchased until Feb 3rd.
◦PSY’s character voiceover(English and Korean)

•PSY Skill Card added◦Limited PSY Edition Skill Card
◦Hologram effect which can increase the dice control up to 60%

•3 New Skill Cards added◦‘I Dare You’ ‘Ghostly Call’ and ‘I’m Taking It’ 3 new skill cards
◦Each has unique skill which can take money or properties

•Gangnam PSY Events◦Open various events that players can receive plenty of Gems(in-game cash)
◦‘Oppa Gangnam Style Event’ gives out awesome gifts when players collect Golden Disks

About Game of Dice:

Game of Dice is a fun single or multi-player game where players take turns throwing the dice to maneuver around a multi-tiled board. Each landing space is a city or other type of real estate that the player takes upon arrival. And just as in real life, the person with the most real estate is the most powerful player on the board. Each lap you complete around the board drives up the value of the land you own. Your ultimate goal is to collect tolls from your competitors that land on your property and drive them all into bankruptcy.

It’s like Monopoly, but with some unusual twists. Game of Dice features 65 different skill cards that players can use to turn the tide of the game in their favor. Different characters and dice with varying abilities can be purchased also.

Since launch, Game of Dice has hit first place in the Hong Kong and reached top place in several countries like Singapore, Japan and Korea. It’s also surpassed 5 million global downloads.