The First 3D Realms Game Gone-Gold In A Decade = Bombshell!

Gone Gold!3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment are proud to announce that after over two years of blood sweat and tears, Bombshell has finally gone gold!

Folllowing a brief 2-month delay for quality assurance purposes, and all the snarky tweets and comments about “another delayed 3D Realms game” (… ok, we had that coming!!) – Bombshell is locked-in for a January 29th 2016 release on Windows PC.

As a reminder, Bombshell will be launching for $34.99 USD standard, and $39.99 Digital Deluxe, which includes our 42-track official soundtrack, early beta access to the Bombshell Build Engine retro prequel, and digital artbooks and world map overviews.


“… consistent, detailed, and driven… Bombshell has both a promise of story and a promise of interaction that could come together into something with a real violent thrust, not unlike the lean, aggressive beauty of Mad Max: Fury Road.”
Preview – Playstation Life

“… I came away with the sense that there’s potential in Bombshell. I like the idea of a sci-fi Diablo, and as an isometric shooter, Bombshell is fast, challenging, and seems to have plenty of options to fit different play styles. I also appreciate that 3D Realms eschews Bomshell’s roots and Shelly Harrison stands as a character on her own rather than entirely being a repurposed Duke Nukem.””
Preview – PC Gamer

“It was satisfying as crap to shoot aliens in a 3D Realms game again.”
Preview – Lazy Game Reviews

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