3XN Number Puzzle, a brain twisting puzzle, on iOS

3XN Number Puzzle is a well-crafted match-3 puzzle game – with a twist – available now on iOS. Familiar match-3 gameplay combined with unique way to move game pieces on a twisted path makes 3XN Number Puzzle a compelling brain twister.

The game features fire, earthquakes and rising water as elements to challenge players and keep gameplay interesting. Players can also choose between 30 level progression, 60 moves, 60 seconds and endless level types – something for everyone. Another unique feature of the game is the score screen that shows histogram of scores from all players and players’ percentile rank, similar to how IQ scores are shown. “The game is designed to challenge the players, so comparing game scores like IQ test scores felt natural,” says Juha Valimaki, the developer of the game.

The basic gameplay revolves around matching rows and columns of numbers to make higher numbers. The twisting path on which the numbers travel changes this simple matching gameplay into game of tactics and strategies. Numbers are moved by changing the path and this will move all numbers on all rows below the changed row. “It’s always fun to watch how overwhelmed new players look when they do the first swipe sideways. Everything seems to move in opposite directions, but after couple of moves they start to see patterns and soon they can predict where numbers will end up after each move,” says Juha.

Elements of nature – fire, earthquakes and rising water – are used in the 30 progress levels. Fire spreads and burns the numbers. Earthquakes destroy and set numbers on fire. Water prevents players from matching numbers and changing the rows that are under water. Water can also be used to put out fires and sometimes it’s good idea to let numbers be destroyed to clean the board from unmatchable numbers.

The different game modes – 60 seconds, 60 moves, endless and the 30 progress levels – are designed to give everyone something to play. Some enjoy the fast paced 60 seconds QUICK level while others like to take their time with the endless EPIC level. The game is saved after each move, so it’s possible to enjoy all game modes in shorter sessions.

Play 3XN Number Puzzle on iOS.