SPINNERZ PUZZLE – Take your brain for a spin!

It may seem the world of mobile 2D puzzle games is by now thoroughly explored and saturated with countless variatons on sliding-blocks theme, gravitational physics and especially – infinite incarnations of the “join three” concept. Fans of the puzzle gaming genre may find it hard to experience anything essentialy new and original these days. That is the issue SPINNERZ PUZZLE tries to tackle.

SPINNERZ PUZZLE is a simple and addictive logic game, stripped of excessive annoyng visual and sound effects; relaxing, fun and challenging at the same time.

Each task in this game consists of an assembly of interconnected rotating discs, where setting one disc in circular motion induces a change in the system. The goal is to set all indicators on the spinners at 12-o’clock position. Careful planning, perceivance of cause-and-effect relations and, after all – intuition, are required and put to test here. In that regard, SPINNERZ PUZZLE shares some of the game spirit with the famous Rubik’s Cube, but set in two dimensions.

As you advance through the puzzles, unlock levels in front of you and raise your skill, the seemingly simple world of spinners reveals its complexity and principles that rule their behaviour.

A striking minimalistic design, simple one-finger control interface, the original concept and the balance between challenging and casual, at least guaranties this game to be your aid in the battle with everyday moments of boredom, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself truly infected with the SPINNERZ fever.

SPINNERZ PUZZLE is free and available for download to your Android device at Play Store.

Trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=htpVVSufABk

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