New Game Launch: “March of Industry: Very Capitalist Factory Simulator Entertainments”

Archive Entertainment is excited to announce their new title, March of Industry, has just launched on Steam.

In March of Industry, players manage a weapons factory in a recently-capitalist, ex-Soviet country. Take the country’s natural resources (copper, tin, vodka) and craft them together to create more advanced resources and finally weapons. Players can sell these weapons and use the proceeds to automate their crafting and mass-produce even more weapons.

As the player’s factory expands, they can create better (and more outlandish) weapons. The ‘Rocket-Propelled Katana Launcher’ is both simple to make and reasonably profitable. If you’re up for more of a challenge, try combining ‘Vodka’ and ‘Exercise Machines’ to create the smelly but deadly ‘Vladimir Putin’s Gym Shorts’. Or perhaps you prefer the terrifying but compact ‘Inconveniently Small Dragons’?

March of Industry has been featured in several expos, including Tokyo Game Show 2015. Players can learn more about March of Industry via its Steam store page. The game runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux in seven languages. The game is a one time purchase of $9.99 minus a 15% off launch sale this week.


“Fair warning, though: this game will be addictive and can mess with the head.”
Hardcore Gamer

“The placement of tiles seems very intuitive and once you figure out how the machines are supposed to link up it is very easy to make a pretty complex line. Once the box loaders and everything opened up I really found myself being drawn in to the game and trying to make more efficient and interesting factory lines.”
Seattle Indies Expo Juror Feedback

Game Trailer:

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