Freak Factory Game Released

Independent mobile game Freak Factory was released today on the Apple, Google and Amazon stores. It is an exciting day for developers Richard Lord and Brian Roberts as this is their first personal project after 14 years working on other people’s games.

In Freak Factory, the player takes control of a factory where Freaks are made. Their challenge is to make as many Freaks as possible before running out of space. The game combines the physics of a game like pool with the space packing challenge of packing your suitcase to go on holiday, with a bunch of cute critters thrown in for good measure.

Freak Factory is a non-violent game aimed at all age groups. It features the re-playability of old arcade classics, but with a more thoughtful, calmer game mechanic that relies on strategy and planning rather than fast reactions. Freak Factory is easy to pick up, and suitable for children and adults of all ages. In beta testing, players progressed steadily towards higher scores as they discovered new strategies.

Freak Factory is free to play with a time restriction and features a single one-off in-app-purchase that removes the time restriction and unlocks some new Freaks.

The new video trailer showing how the game is played is available at

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