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5 Star Wrestling Release Date Announced

Indie developer Serious Parody today confirmed that 5 Star Wrestling, the “Pro Evolution of Professional Wrestling games”, climbs into the ring 17 March 2015 exclusively on the PSN Store for PlayStation 3.

Shaking up a stale genre and developed by deeply passionate wrestling game fans, 5 Star Wrestling’s primary focus is to create intense drama in the ring through use of innovative gameplay mechanics mixed with a selection of cherry-picked features from classic wrestling games.

Dan Hinkles, Founder and CEO, Serious Parody, said:
“We’ve been working on 5 Star Wrestling for years and are excited to share our vision of what makes a great wrestling game with PlayStation 3 gamers around the world. 5 Star is built upon true ring psychology with heel and face mechanics, a revolutionary limb damage system and rivalries that impact gameplay. This game is our tribute to the genre and if you are now or ever have been a wrestling game fan, 5 Star Wrestling was made for you!”

Brimming with content, 5 Star Wrestling features a 40-Hour Challenge campaign with 128 challenges, over 400 objectives, and more moves-per-wrestler than any other game, including never before seen Finisher-To-Finisher reversals.

Introducing: Raganbrok ‘The Conqueror’, ‘Raging’ Andy Organ, HarVee Dee and more, 5 Star Wrestling is all about the characters; each coming with their own original theme music, massive move set and spectacular finishing manoeuvres that look and feel different depending on the characters physical condition and position when executing the move. 5 Star Wrestling also features fully customisable, goal-oriented AI, with each character having 5 different personalities to choose from, each significantly changing the way matches play out.

5 Star Wrestling will be available as a digital download via PSN Store on 17 March 2015 in North America, and 18 March 2015 in UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, for $24.99 NA, €24.99 Euro and £TBC UK.

Top 10 RAOs gameplay trailer:

For further information about 5 Star Wrestling:

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