Action Puzzle Sparkle Unleashed to Launch in April for iOS as Try & Buy

Finnish game developer 10tons Ltd. announced today an exciting new action puzzle game, Sparkle Unleashed. A thrilling new addition to the fan favourite Sparkle franchise, Sparkle Unleashed features all new gameplay mechanics and will launch on iOS as a Try & Buy game in April.

“Sparkle Unleashed is an exciting title in many ways. We’re introducing a new style to play Sparkle and offering the game as a Try & Buy on all platforms. The numbers from our soft launch indicate that the model works with a game like this.”, says Tero Alatalo, CEO of 10tons Ltd.

“Sparkle Unleashed is built on the success of Sparkle 2. We’ve evolved the stunningly beautiful art style and made the game more challenging. Overall, the new gameplay features enhance the gameplay experience tremendously.”, says Jaakko Maaniemi, producer of Sparkle Unleashed.

Sparkle Unleashed is a match-three marble shooter action puzzle game. The game has a free floating orb launcher, as opposed to the fixed one seen in Sparkle and Sparkle 2. Sparkle Unleashed also features more than a hundred brand new levels, new Rock Orb and Chained Orb orb types, and a new powerup unlocking and selection system.

•Ultra-polished match-three marble shooter gameplay
•Chained Orbs, Rock Orbs and more all new challenges
•An arsenal of 23 potent powerups to choose from
•Immersive soundtrack by award-winning composer Jonathan Geer
•Try & Buy: Play the first 23 levels for free, pay once to unlock Full Game
•Full game includes 108 challenging levels, Survival mode and two more difficulty settings

Sparkle Unleashed will launch on additional platforms in Q2 2014.

Watch Sparkle Unleashed teaser at:

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