Lucky Red Fish announce Monkey Mofo an action puzzle game for PC, Mac, Android, IOS and Blackberry

With this easy to learn action puzzler a real collector’s item arrives for the PC, Mac, Android, IOS and Blackberry. Similar to the classic Lemmings, Monkeys that are pretty stupid have to be directed over around an obstacle course and safely guided to the goal avoiding minions, trumpets , spinners and bombs – just to name a very few – will assure that this won’t be an easy task.

Players will face over 200 fast-paced and varied levels. To reach each levels goal these super cute Monkeys, players will be provided with various power ups and including speed-ups, stops and many more. Split over 23 different worlds where each world introduces a new game mechanic Monkey Mofo will keep the players coming back for more.

Monkey Mofo has been developed by Lucky Red Fish, who have 35 years of games development experience, responsible for Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, Marsupilami and Apocalypse to name a few.

•Monkeys (We all klnow Monkeys are fun)
•Over 200 action packed levels
•3D Graphics
•8 Awesome Soundtracks
•Boss Levels

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