Announcing Angry Fish 3D for Amazon Appstore

Angry Fish 3D brings action packed physics fun to a new dimension on new platforms. The cats have all but ruined the fish’s vacation and they’re going to get revenge! Leave the sky to the birds and storm the beaches to battle the front lines pushing the feline back to the cliffs and to their final lair, the factory!

Nampa, ID – NotPlanA subsidiary FrozenSoft is pleased to announce Angry Fish 3D, a physics based puzzle game in which players experience the fun in a new dimension. Angry Fish 3D takes place on an island where the fish are on vacation. The cats crap all over the fish’s volleyball game and the fish pursue. The environments, fish, and the fortresses the cats have constructed are all modeled in beautiful 3D. The same semi-auto cannon blasting gameplay carries over from the 2D counterpart, Angry Fish, for the Xbox 360 Indie channel.

There are three environments to play in: The Beach, The Cliffs, and The Factory. Fight with 5 different fish featuring different super moves in 63 unique puzzling levels. These levels span across the three areas which feature some clever, and not so clever defense structures that the cats have constructed. Many puzzles have been designed so that launching an attack of multiple fish in semi-automatic fashion is a must!

Each battle must be completed before subsequent battles are unlocked. A 3 star battle point system has been implemented to award players for optimal destruction and technique. The player completes a level by destroying all of the cats. The player is awarded points for destroying objects, defeating cats, and for having a minimal amount of fish casualties.

Angry Fish is built using Unity 3D. This will be the first Angry Fish title to be on mobile platforms featuring touch control including the ability to pan, tilt and zoom.

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