Action RPG Sigils: Battle for Raios releases on iPad

Today Gameforge and Sproing announce the release of Action RPG Sigils: Battle for Raios on iPad. The free multiplayer game is now available for download exclusively in the App Store. Sigils unites role-playing elements such as character development with MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) gameplay. Presented in the form of short yet extremely captivating battles, this title provides perfect entertainment for the mobile platform. Alongside a PvE mode (for single or cooperative play), the real-time PvP battles offer a long-term challenge for beginners and experienced gamers alike. Together with a wide variety of playable champions and an intuitive matchmaking system, Sigils offers the easiest way ever to organise your own LAN party.
A trailer providing an insight into the world of Sigils: Battle for Raios can be found here:

Of Wolves, Rams and Evil Insects
Just like in role-playing games, all champions have access to certain specialisations. Powerful tanks stand side by side with damage dealers and wise healers.

The heroes in Sigils: Battle for Raios are humanoid creatures. The animals give the warriors their appearance as well as their characteristics, making recognition of each figure’s roles instantaneous.

Fifteen of these unique champions are ready and waiting at release. New combatants will be populating the world of Raios in future updates, adding even more variety to the game.

In Sigils, players assume the role of the mysterious traveller, who accompanies and controls one of these fighters in battle. The opportunity to unlock all available heroes for an account and then freely select from them prior to each engagement highlights the collectable character of the game and keeps players coming back to the action RPG for more. Players follow the storyline through the course of the PvE campaign and experience the invasion of Xestia, the eerie insect queen and her army through the eyes of their selected champion. Playing single or in a cooperative group, users face up to hordes of slimy maggots, descending spiders and giant praying mantises.

Each of the playable champions can rise up to a maximum level of 18 with the experience they acquire from battles. In addition, the Traveller gains experience with each challenge withstood and in doing so, unlocks new slots fort the sigils this game was named after. By using these skill seals, the individual heroes can set themselves up for diversification: bruiser tanks can develop support abilities or greatly increase the value of their damage output. Additional items that can be looted in the story mode not only add to the players’ motivation but also allow a further specialisation of the chosen warriors and invite experimentation.

An Overview of the Features of Sigils: Battle for Raios
– Short game sessions, optimised for iPad

– Innovative game idea, combining RPG gameplay and MOBA elements

– Enthralling PvP and PvE battles in real-time allow for synchronous gameplay on an asynchronous platform

– 15 champions with a wide range of abilities ready at launch with updates in the works.

– Permanent hero levelling

– An tremendous arsenal of equipment items and enticing loot drops

– Atmospheric fantasy world with unique champions

– Intuitive matchmaking

– Extensive statistics and ranking lists

– Free download

– Incredible multiplayer fun

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