Versus Space Battle – 2 player multi-touch action now on iPad and iPhone

Versus Space Battle is available now on Apple’s App Store for iOS8+. It’s also available for Android via Amazon and Google’s Play Store. A DRM-free version for Android is available through the Humble Widget on the official website.

About the Game
Versus Space Battle is a competitive action game for two players on a single device. It is best played with both players sitting across from one another at a table. Both players can attack, defend and evade at the same time by performing basic swipe gestures on the screen.

Key Features
•Multi-touch: Attack, defend and evade at the same time
•Awesome 3D graphics with reflections, light and particle effects
•Banter with your opponent by destroying her or his ship (or not)
•Change the lighting to play in bright light or in the dark

Pricing and Availability
Title: Versus Space Battle
Release Date: iOS: 18 February, 2015 | Android: 31 January, 2015
Genre: Action, Arcade, Multiplayer
Platform: iOS, Android

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