GREEDY GUNS’ beta is public and ready for a team of 2 heartless mercenaries.

independent studio Tio Atum released the public beta of their first PC game, GREEDY GUNS, a metroidvania with gun and run action for two where you take part in the destruction of an alien world for profit. Yes, you are doing the invading!


Can a ubiquitous corporation ever be evil? Of course not, profit is beyond ethics! That’s why HOLOCORP isn’t shy of sending mercenaries to explore and preventively attack alien worlds. In return they get artifacts and DNA that they can use for much needed research. The Greedy Guns team is happy to work for HOLOCORP as long as they pay well. And do they ever! Too bad they also sell them their guns.

Will our mercenaries survive this increasingly dangerous world? Will greed still be their driving force by the time they are through?

Greedy Guns beta can be downloaded at


+A connected world to exploit and explore!
+Shooting Old-School Action with 360º aim
+2 Player Local Co-Op
+Metroidvania inspired gameplay!
+Rocking soundtrack by the amazing Miguel Cintra.

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