DeNA Launches Sci-fi Mobile First-Person Shooter Isolani for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Mobile game developer and publisher DeNA announced today that Isolani, a sci-fi core first-person shooter (FPS) free-to-play mobile game, is available exclusively on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Set in a very distant future that is plagued by robotic rule and war, Isolani casts the player as one of the last human survivors in a now shattered universe. After a rude awakening from a prolonged cryogenic sleep, the player is propelled into a war between two powerful entities both poised to do anything to fulfill their missions. Armed with powerful weapons, the player must shoot their way out of this unthinkable state in an effort to save what’s left of humankind.

“With Isolani, we set out to deliver an unforgettable mobile experience for fans of hardcore shooters that combines an immersive, action-laden story with a simple, yet sophisticated touch control scheme,” said David Simard, producer at DeNA. “Loaded with suspense, cliffhangers, and twists, Isolani takes the player on a journey that demands their undivided attention.”

Isolani also features breathtaking 3D visuals set in hauntingly beautiful locations, and there will be new in-game episodes released regularly for the player to continue their adventures in the game.

Isolani is available for free from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

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