More action in the wasteland: important update for Crazy Tribes available today

The Community of Crazy Tribes has been waiting a long time: as from today you can download version 2.0. The update offers great tools and possibilities expected by many players. These tools will make warfare a lot easier, especially for dukes with a lot of bases and will also add some more action to the game.

The two primary innovations are:
•Attack synchronization: with just one button you can now synchronize all troop movements concerning one attack. This will save players a lot of coordination effort as well as the need to use external tools.
•Furthermore you can now exchange Ammo and Iodine between your own bases. On the one hand, players can speed up their offensive operations and on the other hand they can save their hard-earned resources in case of an hostile capture attempt.
With these two useful features, a lot of fresh tactical possibilities are introduced and players with many bases are relieved of a lot of tedious work. Some major changes have also been made behind the scenes: the developers have implemented a new data structure which will improve the general performance. Numerous small changes will complete the Update. Crazy Tribes 2.0 is available from now on in the AppStore and via Google Play for free. A list with the update features is also to be found there.

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