Crazy Elevator Action & Exciting Gameplay In ‘Elevator Joe’ Now Available On The iOS® & Google PlayTM App Stores

Independent games developer ‘Kuyi Mobile’ is proud to announce the worldwide release of their newest game, ‘Elevator Joe’, to the iOS® and Google Play™ digital app stores! Available now as a FREE download utilizing in-app upgrades and purchases, you play the role of an elevator operator challenged to transport ‘Chibizens’ to their destination in a timely and orderly fashion!

‘Elevator Joe’ is a hilarious time- and resource-management game for the casual audience! And while your primary objective is to earn points by transporting people from floor A to floor B as quickly as possible, that is only the beginning! With more than 10 unlockable floors to play, and more than 50 challenging tasks to complete, do you have what it takes to operate and maintain an entire building, not just the elevator during rush hours?!? Part of the fun is opening, running and upgrading your very own retail outlets in each building. Have fun making virtual money by offering hair salon services! Or how about running a food court satisfying the hungry, or offering drinks to the thirsty in your nice café? You can even challenge your friends via GameCenter support! With its immersive and refreshing gameplay, cute and colorful graphics, dozens of upgrades and addictive time management features, operating an elevator has never been this much fun!

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