Slice-and-Dice Through Your Friends List with Puzzle Knights

Puzzle Knights, a new iOS game from the veteran team at Mojaro, thrusts players into mortal combat with their friends as they duel for reward and renown. This asynchronous multiplayer arena title combines tactical combat with match-three puzzle and light RPG elements.

Before battle, players will solve match-three puzzles in both turn limited as well as timed rounds, to power up their stamina resource. They then select which offensive and defensive moves their knight will execute in the upcoming duel to create a battle plan. Each move costs different amounts of stamina so players will need to carefully plan their strategy.

Battles occur asynchronously so combatants don’t have to wait till their Facebook friends come online to attack them. The combat history feature also allows players to know who attacked when they were offline, so they know how to challenge for a rematch to take their revenge.

The team of team of industry veterans behind Puzzle Knights made their bones working on AAA franchises including Uncharted and Medal of Honor. The goal of the company is to bring that same level of quality and creativity to mobile gaming.

“Everyone at Mojaro loves mobile gaming because of the creativity it allows. With multi-million dollar console and PC titles you don’t get as much opportunity to experiment.” Laurent Ancessi, CEO, Mojaro. “Puzzle Knights is the kind of crazy, wonderful things that can only happen in the indie mobile world. If you want to mashup elements from strategy, multiplayer arena, puzzle and RPG games, you just do it, you don’t have to ask management for permission.”

As knights gain experience, the fighter level ups and gains power. Characters can also be equipped with different pieces of armor as well as weapons, each with its own stats and appearances, to provide a deeper level of customization.

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