Dragon vs Goblins 3D – iOS Game

“Dragon vs Goblins 3D” by Smackall Games, hits the AppStore with a new 3d Physics destruction experience. With very few games in this genre (Catapult style in 3d), “DvG 3D” brings in more fun by pushing the limits of dynamic physics environment. Simple touch controls and charming characters, add more value to the addictive gameplay. The game will be available on 19th September 2013, initially exclusive to the iOS App Store.

While all other games in the genre, use only simple geometry (Cubes, Spheres, and Cylinders), the custom built game engine behind “DvG 3D” is optimized to simulate any convex 3d object on mobile platform. The game takes advantage of the Multi-Core CPU and Special Instructions to give a real time simulation of the physics environments. Each level is built brick by brick so gamers can destroy them in 1000s of different ways.

Anything thats impossible/illegal in real world brings more fun to test in virtual worlds. (Destruction, Killing, Exploding dynamites etc). The game has a cool storyline around a Dragon, whose girlfriend is attracted towards Charming Goblins and held captive. Now, gamers can take the role of the Dragon and revenge.

• 50+ Unique 3D Levels!
• 4 Different Weapons!
• 400+ Physics Objects in each level!
• Dozens of Goblins on screen at once, all rendered in amazing 3D!

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