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AERENA: Clash of Champions, the turn-based strategy mobile game from Cliffhanger Productions, is now officially available for free on iOS, following a soft launch and balancing period. Combatants will be able to wage war in 10 minute bursts across Android and Apple mobile and tablets as well as Steam (PC and Mac). To celebrate the release, Cliffhanger Productions has launched a competition that will reward $1,000 to whoever takes the crown of AEther Master.

In a world ravaged by an endless energy war for AEther, the fight has taken to the skies in deadly flying arenas. Aspiring sky-captains must choose their airships, hire a crew of Champions and battle, action by action, across nine arenas. Skillful play rewards combatants with AEther which allows them to unleash special attacks, and conquer the arena. With games that can last no longer than 10 minutes, the need to weigh their options in the heat of battle will sort the true AEthermasters from the cabin crew.

In AERENA: Clash of Champions, challengers will need superlative tactical skills to decimate opponents in head to head skirmishes that are short, intense and never over until the last breath.

Key features:
– Deep tactical gameplay: battle anytime and anywhere to destroy your enemies
– Turn-based strategy battles on mobile
– Build a winning strategy from over 20 Champions, AEther Shells and ships
– Short sessions: jump into a 10 minutes match and get your strategy fix at home or on the go
– Distinctive 3D steampunk graphics on mobile: discover a unique AEtherpunk world
– Live multiplayer: compete live against friends and other players or tackle solo challenges
– Rich world: over 300 achievements to unlock

AERENA: Clash of Champions unites the best of the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) with the best of mobile gaming; fast, strategic, PvP battles and quick challenges with a pick-up-and-play anywhere mentality. AERENA has already been hailed by critics for its accessible yet tactical gameplay and fans have awarded it 5 star reviews for its lack of ‘pay to win’ mechanics.

Future updates of AERENA: Clash of Champions will add daily quests, in-game challenges and a direct ‘challenge friend’ mechanic.

Gameplay Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2g9BfUWNsk

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