Age of Warriors Unveils New Expansion Warlords of Elantra

–Age of Warriors (AOW) will be launching its expansion “Warlords of Elantra”. This expansion will receive a huge content update including Cross-Server Tournament, online chat translation, and Touch ID for login game.

The Cross-Server Tournament (League of Thunderbolt) not only give top players a chance to win Championship across servers, but also give all players a chance to take part in the betting part before the knockout match starts. You will be able to win a huge amount of gems if you bet the correct final winners!

Online chat translation, to enable every player from different countries to leap language barriers and see what the others are saying while they play. It can translate players in chat channel who use languages, from Arabic to Zulu.

Touch ID is now a standard feature of the latest batch of iPhones. We can finally use Touch ID to do more than just unlock our iPhones. Just login to your game account safely by using Touch ID.

About the game:
Age of Warriors is a 3D mobile game that transports players into the world of Elantra, a mythical land of fantasy and medieval lore.
Age of Warriors combines strategic combat, player guilds, and real-time multiplayer with a free-moving camera and high-quality graphics and sound. It also has seven epic maps waiting for you to explore, and aims to create a mobile RPG experience like no other.

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