Aldorlea Games ( is proud to announce its signature 2D-RPG series Millennium (Ep. 1-5) is finally fully released on Steam.


The Battle of the Millennium, final episode in the 5-game saga, saw a release on November 7th – with a special 15% discount for a week.
This is the seventh game by Aldorlea released on Steam after ‘The Book of Legends’, earlier in March (, ‘3 Stars of Destiny’ ( and of course the full Millennium series, whose episodes are all 15% until next Friday.

More games from Aldorlea’s catalog will be released on Steam in the future.

Featuring 15+ characters, great production values and a story worth 60+ hours of playtime, Millennium is widely considered as one of Aldorlea’s best and usually regarded as the developer’s flagship series. The full series was greenlighted by the Steam community in February 2014, and Millennium 5 was impatiently awaited by the many fans of the saga.

The game was favorably rated 89% by RPG Fan as well as receiving many accolades from players all over the world, such as Big Fish or Gamersgate ones.

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